Angeles City Pussy is pure heaven.

This Filipina Twat looks like she’s one of the better fucks over there.
I’ve heard Khate was referred to the guys from a Trike Patrol fan. he put her on touch with them and was pretty soon scheduled  for a filming. She was absolutely of an acceptable Trike Patrol caliber. (Some will say their standard ain’t that high tough, he he).

Khate is a local girl and she seems to be very business-like. She acts like she has done this before, many times. She’s not of the younger ones either, but not a milf. I think she’s cute. The only negative thing I would say about her is the tattoo on her ass. (I heard someone say, somewhere, that tattoo’s on female asses are distracting. We don’t do doggy to read, we do it to fuck)

Well, the fucking starts and she is pretty convincing. This Filipina Bar Girl sure seems to enjoy the fucking. Look at the way she rides him. I wouldn’t mind tracking down this Filipina Bar Girl in Angeles city and do her myself. But I’m not going over for a while, so I probably never see her.

She is sure worth to take a look at.

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