Angeles Bar Girl Not as Shy as she Seems.

Nica, I nice girl from Angeles City. You wouldn’t mind bang her. I am sure. Just look at this;

She’s hot, she’s a Filipina Teenager at nineteen. She is playful. And she wears makeup.
If you, as me, have been there and barfined hot Filipina Bar Girls, you know just as me that they don’t wear to much make up. Seriously, I don’t really care. Actually I like them “real”, but the MakeUp, and her clothes, make Nica look different than the regular Filipina Fuck you would encounter.

She got the most beautiful smile and her small perky filipina tits are so tender and beautiful, you might not even dare to touch them. Nah, ofcourse you would, and she will love it. This scene is pure evidence of that.  She doesn’t look that experienced in sucking, but when they start to fuck, she gets pretty wild. I wouldn’t mind trade places, but then again. I never would :)

And she takes a huge load on her lipstick painted lips. It’s a great fuck and Nica is a damn nice Filipina Teenager. Seriously.

Nica at Trike Patrol. Just a Click down the road!

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